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When throwing a birthday party, it is important to be equipped with the appropriate party materials. Then you will be able to throw the best possible party and impress all the guests who have attended the event.

personalised birthday badgesWhen discussing about the birthday party accessories that you need to purchase, personalised birthday badges hold a prominent place. The use of personalised badges is not just limited to birthday parties. Whether you are organizing a stag night, hen night or any other social gathering, you can take a look at these badges. The best thing about these badges is that you can easily customize them according to your specific needs and preferences. You just need to let us know about the design and how you want it to be. You don’t need to do anything more and we will take care of everything. All your requirements will be catered by the personalised birthday badges that we provide to you once you agree the final design.

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If you don’t have a clear understanding on what kind of a design you need to go ahead with, then just have a look at what is being displayed on the website. Then you will be able to understand what kinds of badges are available there to be purchased. After you select a design, you change almost any of the features that you see in it.

For example, you can change the colours on the badge. Naturally you will also amend the text to suit your own occasion. But you can also change the font and the position of the text. You can also change the background colours of the badge in most casess. The amount of text that you have printed on top of the badge can be varied. If you have a lot of text then you might want to consider the larger badges.

There is no limit to how much text. But there is a limited amount of space if we are to make the text visible at a distance  You will love the degree of flexibility that is provided to you with the customisations.

Different sized badges

There are people who prefer to go ahead with circular shaped personalised badges. Yes, we do offer them. However, some individuals are interested in having something a little different such as rectangular shaped badges or a heart shape. If you have any such requirement, you can simply go ahead and contact us again. We will be able to provide you with a unique and a one of a kind badge, which comes with a rectangular or heart shape

Great range of designs

Before we go ahead with printing your personalised badge, if time permits, we will provide you with a mockup to show you how it would look like. If you have any changes, then this is when you  make them. We are open to your suggestions and we will be able to help you with making it look unique as much as possible. Once the design is approved, we will print the number of badges you want and take appropriate measures to deliver them to you. Getting personalised badges for your event is simple as that. You will absolutely love the process.

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In addition to Birthday Badges - our badges are also widely used for Hen Nights, Stag Nights, Funeral and Memorial Services, Schools, Baby Showers and a whole load of other uses.

In addition to the badges we also have an extensive range of rosettes, lanyards, sashes, printed ribbon and wristbands. More details are on our home page