Personalised Sashes

Personalised SashesPersonalised Sashes and Ribbon

As well as personalised sashes, we also print a lot of ribbon. One of the most popular applications is for hen night sashes, birthday sashes and product promotion sashes.


Hen Nights

Hen nights are a favourite use for these personalised sashes. Whether printed on the front or on the back or in a lot of cases on the front and the back. There is no limit to the amount of text that you can have on the sashes. We don’t charge by the word or letter – but all you need to bear in mind is that there is a only a limited amount of visibPersonalised Sashesle area where the message can be printed. So the more you have the smaller the text will be.

If there is a lot of text then we would recommend putting it on the front and back of the sash.  If it’s for a hen night then usually we would have something like Helen’s Hen Night in large text.  Bournemouth 2014 could then be printed underneath in slightly smaller text, and this layout seems to work quite well.  If you then want the individual names or nicknames of the guest adding then you have the other side of the sash where this can be added.


Get a perfect fit

Our personalised sashes are secured with hook and loop fastening. This is applied in self adhesive male and female strips. This means that you can put the sash around your shoulder and then place the fastenings at the perfect position on the ribbon. This ensures a good fit. So it doesn’t matter whether you are wearing the sash over a coat, dress, T shirt or swimsuit. You can ensure that the sash fits perfectly.


Personalised SashesOur ribbon is available in a range of basic colours and also different colour print. This is ideal on the lighter coloured ribbons.  For the darker colours, such as purple, blue, black and red, we would suggest our metallic silver and metallic gold text. This metallic option looks really good.
The personalised sashes are printed using 100mm wide ribbon, which is also sold by the metre for fabric banners.  Again there is no set up charge so there is no problem if you just want a 2m banner .

Great variety of uses for printed ribbon

We also have the narrower ribbon in 45mm, 25mm and 15mm Personalised Sasheswidths. These tend to be used for a wide variety of uses – including decorating the wedding car- putting the final touches to a bouquet of flowers. and lanyards.  All of the narrow ribbon is sold by the metre, with just a small minimum order of 2 metres.

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