Why choose us for you customised badges, customised rosettes and printed sashes - not to mention the wristbands, lanyards and other products?

Here are just a few of the very good reasons


Rosette Styles

Our rosettes are based on a 57mm centre, which is in fact like a badge. It can be printed with whatever text, and with your choice of font and colours. If you wish we can also add a photograph which we can reproduce in full colour.

As regards the rosette – it is up to you as regards the colour of the ribbon and the number of layers of ribbon. The tails of the ribbon can also be whatever colour you want to choose from our wide range of options. If you want extra-long tails, then just let us know. We manufacture all the rosettes, ourselves, to order, so extra customisation is not an issue.

3 tier

Heart shaped rosettes

The standard centre on our rosettes is based on a 57mm diameter circle. We do however have the option to produce the centre in a novel heart shaped. The usual design and personalising options are available.

customised badges

Photo Sashes

If you want a simple image of a photograph adding to a sash, then this can be added to our white sashes in black. Any text would also need to be in the same colour.

The process doesn’t really produce a satisfactory result in the metallic colours.

If you want to take advantage of this type of sash, then we would suggest you send us your image first, and we can check its suitability. As with all images it should ideally be of good definition.

customised badges

Design your sash

Total freedom on the wording. There is no charge per letter.

The only thing that we would say is that the typical area that is available for the print is about 50cm x 4cm (about 20” x 4”). So, the more text you have, then the smaller it will be. If we print outside this area, then there is a risk that your wording will be hidden either on the shoulder or at that waist.

A single line of text gives the clearest message, but satisfactory results are also obtained on 2 lines – especially where the top line is a little bigger than the bottom one.  At three lines then sometimes, this can produce a little too much text which can make it difficult to read when worn.

Customised Badges

Create your own design

We have a range of designs that you can use, but more importantly – just use these to design your own Customised Badges.

For example:


If a birthday badge design is shown without an age – then we can add one if you wish.

Similarly, if it has an age, then we can change it or remove it completely.

One way to personalise a badge or rosette is to add the individual names for the people attending the party. Just tell us the name or nickname, and we can add them to any of the designs.

Customised Badges shapes

You are not limited to badges of one shape. It is true that the most popular designs are circular. Even here we have 3 choices for size. In addition, we also have rectangular shaped and heart shaped badges – all available with the full customisable features.

Photo Customised Badges

One of the most popular types of personalised badge or rosette is the one that includes a photograph

Ribbon Customised Badges

Badges are the perfect party accessory, but on occasions you may not want to attach them to your clothing via a safety pin. In this case we have our lanyard badges or ribbon badges, where the badge is attached to a lanyard, usually 75mm in diameter, which can then be worn around the neck like a medal. Any of our badge designs can be offered in this style, together with all the usual levels of personalisation.

customised badges

Personalised Ribbons

We print in ribbon in a range of widths. Typically, the wider width of 100m is used for banners and sashes. The narrower widths are used for campaign ribbons and conference ribbons (which we can supply with safety pins) or decorative ribbons e.g. for a wedding car which can be in one continuous length, with the text repeated as required.

Hen and Stag

Change the wording as you wish – Hen Party, Hen Night, Hen Do, Stag Night, Sten Night.  Etc.  basically, whatever you want.

If you need one for the Bride – just tell us in the comments section when yo9u order.

As above we can add the individual names.


Funerals are not a subject that most people want to discuss or think about. But when the situation arises it is important to celebrate the positive aspect of the life that has just passed – no matter how long or short it might have been.

We have a selection of designs for rosettes and badges – and of support ribbons, which we can print with your message of support.

Other Occasions

We can create customised badges or rosette for any occasion. Just tell us what you want. If It helps – then you can base it as closely or loosely on one of our standard designs as you wish.

Smaller Parties

Economy Options

We have a selection of hen and birthday party customised badges that are available ex-stock. We can’t personalise the writing on these, but they do have the advantage of being a little cheaper

Talk to us

We have been printing sashes, making badges and sashes for many years. So, if it is unfamiliar territory for yourselves then why not tap in to our extensive knowledge. There are probably not many types of occasion that we have not supplied items - but even if yours is a novel use – we are always keen to lend our experience to produce the perfect result.

We enjoy speaking with customers. New ones and our regular ones. Private parties. Corporate Clients. Schools, Colleges and Universities. PLCs. Retailers. Event and Show Organisers.  Located in the UK, Ireland mainland Europe, USA or further afield.  Whatever you want, wherever you are we will do our utmost to provide you with the product you need at a very competitive price.

We don’t operate a strict 9 to 5 working day, or 5-day week.  You will probably find us here earlier and later in the day and at weekend (depending on the time of year). But if you are trying to reach us by phone, and there is no response (which would be uinusual), just leave us a message, drop us an email and we will call you back. We do respond as quickly as possible to all contact requests – so we will call you back!

Quick Delivery

We make the badges, rosettes and print the sashes in house, so we have the total flexibility to react to any urgent requirements. In any case we always try to despatch most orders we receive before about 2pm, on the same day. Of course, a big order, might mean dispatch on the following day. If it is an urgent requirement, then we would suggest a quick phone call to ensure we push the order up the production schedule.

To guarantee the delivery then we would suggest using the guaranteed next day delivery option at check out.  It would be a pity, for a couple of pounds, to be one of the small percentage of customers who don’t receive a first-class package next day.

The Personal Touch

If you want to give us a call before or just after you have ordered, then please feel free to drop an email or make the call. When you do you will speak to one of the people who will be making your order. So, you are not passing your message via a receptionist or answering service. You can then discuss any aspect of the order and be assured that your instructions have been fully understood.

Low MOQ for Wristbands and Lanyards

The traditional lanyards and the silicone wristbands, due to their manufacturing techniques, mean that there is usually a minimum ordering quantity (MOQ). We believe that our MOQ for these products are amongst the lowest in the industry. Nevertheless, if you only require 1 or 2 then we have the alternative ribbon lanyards and ribbon lanyards which can be printed and supplied with a MOQ of just 1.

Proofs and Samples

If time permits, then we will usually send you a visual of how the badge/ rosette will look or how the wording will appear on a sash.  There is no charge for this, but please bear in mind that this can be quite time consuming and so we must give priority to getting the day’s orders complete before we can attend to these. Obviously, the ideal solution here is not to leave it until the last minute, so that we have enough time.

As a rule, we do not send out physical samples for an unconfirmed order. For larger orders, and once confirmed, then we can send a pre-production sample or an actual photograph of the item on request.

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