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Create a great theme for your school event
Whether it's a school outing, a social event, PTA, open day, speech day
then you can add your own personalised touch to the event

There are many occasions when a badge is the ideal solution.
If it's school badges that will be worn throughout the year or one that has a general use then we know that there are other suppliers who supply the more traditional school badges.
Our speciality is providing badges that are tailored specifically to a special event, where it could be that each badge needs to be different or you might only need a small quantity, or you may need them tomorrow. This is where our expertise lies and where we can help with competitive quick deliveries.
A school open day where you want to identify either members of staff or pupils, a PTA where you want to remind people who is who, rewards for good work, rosettes for mock elections or for elections of pupil representatives - the uses are many fold - but one thing on which you can rely is the quick service, which can often result in orders being received the next day.
There is no extra charge if you want a photograph on the school badges - or the school coat of arms. There is a fixed price irrespective of the amount of text. We have a choice of 3 different sizes for the round badges.

Rosettes make ideal awards and rewards, and the centre of our rosettes is a circular badge, so again there is no limitation on the print colour, wording or design. We carry a large stock of ribbon in a wide range of colours so you can match the rosette with school or society colour schemes, with a choice of a simple single tier rosette up to a triple tier.

For the Prom King and Queen, then we can supply a range of coloured sashes - with the most popular being blue and pink - with wording and font to suit your requirements. Our sashes can be created and printed so that they will fit any size or age of pupil. Just tell us if you feel that one of our standard 1.8M sashes would be too short or long and we can adjust.

For younger pupils on a school trip, school badges can provide a great means of identifying them as part of a group and of course a useful means of displaying a contact number and name of the school. As an alternative means of identification then our silicone wristbands are a popular option. The wristbands need a mould for each design so the text has to be the same on all items, but with a minimum order of just 25, then this is a popular solution, even for small parties. Smaller wristbands are available for younger pupils.

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As we are the manufacturers we can customise your order and be as flexible as possible on your specific requirements

Circular (available in 3 sizes) and Rectangular shaped.

Your choice of ribbon colour, text and design.

Your choice of ribbon colour, text colour and wording

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